Workplace culture forms the social and relational architecture of your organization. Your values are the core principles and beliefs that create meaning and alignment for your employees. Thriving organizations develop their culture with intention. Their collective understanding of WHY they do what they do - the beliefs that fuel their work - mobilize their employees towards a common purpose. 





Some organizations have never taken the time to explicitly define their values. Others may need to renew their culture after a period of change or rapid growth to reflect their new reality. A start-up enterprise or recently merged organization may find that their culture is still evolving. 


Peak Performance Coaching Leadership will develop a custom program to strengthen your culture, leverage your organization’s values and facilitate enhanced collaboration and creativity -- all required for maximum productivity.


We work with leaders to deliver better:


Purpose - How meaningful and clear is your 'why'?


Strategy - How aligned & differentiated is your strategy?


Culture - How are you measuring your “cultural capital”?


Leadership - How are your leaders fearlessly fostering high engagement & productivity?


Performance - Are your company “systems” working for or against you?


Execution - How effective is your team at achieving desired outcomes?





- Discovery meeting to learn about the state of your current culture and define your goals

- Engage employees and key stakeholders in providing input to design the preferred culture

- Articulate the culture and confirm values with related behaviours

- Facilitate employees in interactive sessions to talk about the culture and engage with the values so they can integrate them into their day to day work

- Develop and deliver "Leading With Values" skill-building sessions for Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors so they can model the way in all their interactions

- Develop customized eLearning modules for employee orientation and training